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Bondalem is a small fishing village nested into the largest continuous coconut grove on the North Shore of Bali. Here you will still find some fishermen living a traditional life and therefore it is the perfect opportunity to experience Bali in the most local way possible.
It is rich in rural cultural events and full moon festivities in the temples, including dances which will be performed especially around full moon in the fall and spring time, are a great attraction.

What We Offer

From diving to dolphin watching to village tours, we offer various activities that will give you a truly unique experience of Bali, in the idyllic village of Bondalem. Get away from the crowds and go home with memories you can be sure few will have experienced. 


Here at Bahari Prawara Eco Dive, we prioritise first and foremost, along with your satisfaction, the wellbeing of our reefs and environment. We offer volunteering opportunities for green-minded divers and always consider the effects of our interaction with our marine life. Whether it be using smaller and fewer boats to minimise the disturbance to our local dolphins or following extra careful diving practices, conservation is our #1 goal!

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Bahari Prawara Bondalem

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Monday - Sunday: 6:30am - 6:30pm